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Its almost time for the ATHS CCC Truck Show and BBQ at the
Amador County Fair Grounds. This year's show will be on
Saturday April 25 2015 Come help all the members of the
Central Valley ATHS Chapter Celebrate
29 glorious years in the
beautiful mother load. Great trucks, great food and great
Friends what more could you ask for.
Please call Dennis Chan for more info@ 916-381-6063

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ATHS Central California Chapter
Founded in 1982
Make Sure you
have your sound
turned on.
Our Presidents Of The Last 25 Years
Bert Prouty                        1982 – 1984
Bert Prouty                        1984 – 1986
Walt Simons                      1987 – 1989
Howard Kirkland                1989 – 1991
Bev Davis                          1991 – 1995
Al Garcia                           1995 – 1999
Terry Fortier                       1999 – 2001
Archie Crippen                   2001 – 2003
Dennis Chan                 2003 –  Present
American Truck Historical Society
Central California Chapter
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February 2007

The ATHS logo was designed to bring together elements of the trucking industry.
The shield represents the shape of Federal Highway Markers; the wheel symbolizes
the momentum of a great industry; the bold stripes signify the open road; and the
colors -- red, white and blue -- are the colors of America.

ATHS members are part of the largest group of antique truck enthusiasts in the world.  
Whether you collect and restore antique trucks, accumulate trucking memorabilia or
models, or just enjoy old trucks, ATHS membership gives you access to historical  
information about the trucking industry and puts you in touch with others who share
your enthusiasm for vintage trucks.
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